Day Trips

Visiting the tourist attractions and the beautiful locations of Campania or the surrounding regions is certainly pleasant, both for holidays and for a weekend away from every day's life.
However, the main problem is transportation. If you use your own vehicle, you'll spend a lot of energy in driving, paying attention to traffic, and looking for parking.
If you are using public transport, you are bound by timetables, fixed stops and possible delays.
To save time and stress, you can turn to Enjoy Traveling s.a.s. in order to have a comfortable car with a multilingual driver ready to take passengers for all of their visits.
The service is calibrated on customer needs and the driver remains available while waiting for guests on trips.
Another advantage of driver rental is the ability to reach any location, even in restricted traffic areas, at any day and hour.
Rates are affordable and you can get a quote by contacting the company

Shared Transfer

Those who want to move around different locations but are not in a hurry and can travel with other people may take advantage of the shared transfer service provided by Enjoy Traveling s.a.s.

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Shuttle Service

The Enjoy Traveling s.a.s. minibuses are used for the shuttle service in order to connect the main arrivals stations and various tourism-related localities in the area where the company operates.

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Boat Tour

Enjoy Traveling s.a.s. does not only deal with driver car-hiring for carriage of people on the road, it is also available for booking boat tours. The area of the Amalfi Coast is beautiful, and the sea...

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Shared transfer from Airport, Station e Hotel

Shared transfers from airports, railway stations, ports and hotels are one of the services offered by Enjoy Traveling s.a.s.,

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